Sabor Hanami Restaurante


    Cherna a la parrilla con pil pil
  • Foie con escabeche de alcachofas
  • Meta-Huevo y chorizo
  • Maget de pato lacado
  • Pastel fluido y caliente de chocolates


Words of wisdom,
tell us that in every trade,
It is necessary to study, to work and to learn;
And if one is also naturally gifted,
has got the perfect combination.
That is Chef José Manuel Berenguer.

An Undeniable professional,
who combines an insatiable curiosity
to discover the best flavours
with his eagerness to innovate,
immersing himself in the kitchen
and discovering for the diners
the joy of new and exciting creations.

Our Chef, José Manuel Berenguer.

An expert on flavour.
The Almería Hotel School provided his basic training.
The Sevilla Catering College, his Diploma in Gastronomy.
The practical experience took him to the routes of La Rioja, Asturias, Sevilla, Mallorca, Navarra and San Sebastián, to, once again, return him back to Almería.
The family fishing tradition granted him the benefit of the specialisation in the products of the sea.
His commitment to taste and his earnestness towards the good work, does the rest.

The good flavour
is never to be forgotten.

The authentic Mediterranean flavour,
so intense in smells, so varied,
appetising and healthy, can only be achieved
when prepared with love.

Love of the raw materials
And the loving way the food is treated,
with respect for the fruits of the land,
sea and sky,
all served up to feed your senses.

Sabor Hanami is all of that,
organic flavour,
overwhelming flavour…

Savour of savours.

The kind of cookery.
The raw material.
The gastronomic experience.

A market analysis detected the opportunity of mixing the high quality of the organic produce of Almería with the delicacies of the Andalusian coast, to creat culinary preparations capable of transmitting and reflecting all that potential.

This is how Sabor Hanami Restaurant came about, to offer an innovative gastronomic experience to the Cabo de Gata-Nijar Natural Park.

Our aim, to rescue the flavour of the traditional foods, working with absolute respect to the raw material, always of the highest quality.

The intensity of smells, colours, and flavours are the evidence of an unique and different concept which transform our menu into a singular and satisfying proposal.

Table, tablecloth, action!!

Get ready for a feast of flavours
And let each of your senses to find its course.

In our proposal, we capture,
step by step, a rainbow of feelings.
Get envolved with it in our restaurant room,
enjoy it at events,
or take it out with you
in a picnic basket.

We invite you to browse through the menu,
there is an unforgettable experience
waiting for you around the corner.

Menu Hanami

What do we offer?

Apart from the room
“Sabor Hanami Restaurant”,
terraces, wine cellar, solarium,
attractive areas with different
types of configuration and dimensions
so you can choose.

What do we do?

Something else come to your mind?

¿Dónde estamos?

Hotel **** MC San José.
4 stars beach modality.
2, El Faro Street, San José.
Cabo de Gata-Nijar Natural Park.
04118 Níjar - Almería.
Tel. 950 611 111
Fax 950 611 112